Introducing The Company

Al-Huwaila Trading Company is a closed joint-stock company. The Corporation was established in 1967 AH, then turned into Al-Huila Trading Company in 2004 AD, then the company was transformed into a closed joint-stock company in 2021 with a capital of 40,000,000 riyals with 4,000,000 shares.

Why Al-Sudais?

The company is distinguished by investing in a number of logistical sectors (transportation – storage – clearance) and the exposure of these sectors to the local market and its integration with it in order to achieve the wishes and aspirations of customers, this approach makes it the best choice for investors to cooperate with Sudais to achieve the interests of the company for all.

Company Strategy

Excellence in providing transport and energy services and developing the logistics sector in the Kingdom in an efficient and effective manner that achieves the satisfaction of our customers.

Expand in the regions of the Kingdom to provide transportation and energy services in cooperation with our partners with success.

– Improve operational efficiency.
– Offering competitive prices.
– Enhancing transportation and logistics in the Kingdom’s regions.

Board of Directors

Mr . Nasser  Al-Hamad

Mr . Badr bin Nasser Al Hamad

Mr . Mhd Nasser  Al-Hamad

Mr . Nasser Badr  Nasser Al Hamad

Mr . Turki Mhd  Nasser

Chairman of the Board of Directors / Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Hamad

– Badr bin Nasser Al Hamad
– Ayed Ali Al Ayed
– Nasser Badr Al-Hamad
– Abdullah Jarallah Al-Hamd
– CEO / Bader Nasser Al-Hamad

Organizational Chart